Luxury is freedom, time and staying at an unusual place. That is the essence of Octant.

Unique hotels, with an excellent design, offering the concept of informal and sustainable luxury, nurturing a genuine connection to the places and communities in which they are located. Hotels that conserve local history while upholding a philosophy of heritage and architectural regeneration, in harmony with their surroundings.

Look for authenticity and find uniqueness in what is local. Find personalised experiences, spaces to breathe within places to live. After all, the greatest luxury is to be found in the little things. Each Octant is a tribute to its location. Places where you will encounter care, peace and freedom, without timetables. Indulge those rare emotions, deep insights, unique encounters and experiences you will never forget.

This is what it means to be free. It’s about making time for what matters, making it the stuff of good memories, and coming back to it again and again.

8 unique places, 8 unique spaces and experiences

Octant Ponta Delgada

Here your eyes roam the deep blue—the natural habitat of majestic whales and seafarers’ stories. And in the blink of an eye, we arrive at a green heart of exotic hills, where all four seasons can be experienced in a single day. So it’s natural to fall in love along the way.

The ocean is calling. The Octant Ponta Delgada is where São Miguel Island and the Azores beckon to the world.

Octant Furnas

In a volcanic landscape covered in a green mantle, where the largest concentration of hot springs in Europe is to be found, the atmosphere is relaxing by its very nature. Between the exoticism of a warm island and a contemporary hotel in the middle of the Furnas valley, there is a communion between ancestral times and modernity to guarantee escape and comfort.

The island is calling. The Octant Furnas, where the natural beauty of the Azores bubbles to the surface.

Octant Douro

A work of architecture implanted on terraces next to the wild banks of the Douro, where the purity of the people and the great river commune with the view over history. Where modernity luxuriates in detail and traces experiences to treasure for a lifetime.

The river is calling. The Octant Douro is a refuge for experiencing the Douro in all its aspects.

Octant Lousã

In the former Viscondessa do Espinhal Palace, the charm of the historic surroundings meets the enchantment of the surrounding fauna and flora, in the heart of Portugal. From our windows you can see Portugal’s historical and natural heritage. Let yourself be swept up by the experiences, the trails and the villages. There are so many reasons to come here and never truly leave.

The mountains are calling. The Octant Lousã where you breathe in the mountains.

Octant Santiago

In Santiago do Cacém past histories are connected. A place where the Vicentine Route leads you to wines, food and the sustainability driving new practices and activities. Where, from the city you can reach green natural scenery or the finest sandy beaches on the Vicentine Coast. Landscapes that mark days of regeneration and warmer memories of the genuine Southwest, where you will find sustainable ways of living and being.

The Alentejo coast is calling. The Octant Santiago is where all the senses of the Alentejo awaken.

Octant Évora

The natural habitat of tranquillity, where you will enjoy plenty of space and time to blend in with 11 hectares of natural landscape punctuated by a unique, natural beauty to be found between paths, walkways and meadows that extend to the stretch of water at Monte Novo dam. This is the place where freedom persists. A place to let simplicity shape your days.

The plains are calling. The Octant Évora is the perfect escape from the city, in the heart of the Alentejo.

Octant Vila Monte

An area of abundance, where the days and hours pass as slowly as you like. A place where the orange groves spread their perfume and from the sea come flavours and experiences that enhance the traditions of southern Portugal, in true Mediterranean spirit.

The heart of the Algarve is calling. The Octant Vila Monte is a retreat to the South, aptly named Ria Formosa (Beautiful Lagoon) by the ancients.

Octant Praia Verde

Here, in Castro Marim, holidays are all about landscapes, diving and coming back again and again. Surrounded by thick pine forest overlooking the sea, the Octant Praia Verde is a place where Mediterranean inspiration is all about taking your time and enjoying the pure state of nature and the people, the flavours and uniqueness of this region.

The Eastern Algarve is calling. The Octant Praia Verde is that longed-for refuge in the Algarve, set amongst clipped green pines and stretches of white sand.