Discovering portugal

More than just a hotel chain…

We are Discovery Hotel Management. Established in 2014, our mission was to rehabilitate and manage a range of real estate assets. All of our properties have been born from the redevelopment of once defunct projects, which we’ve reimagined and restored, prioritising minimisation of new construction areas and adhering to a principle of responsible utilisation. We’ve rebuilt, rehabilitated, and opened to the public 18 hotels, 5 golf courses, and a variety of real estate projects for sale across various parts of the country, thus contributing to job creation and bolstering local economies.

In each of our business sectors, we have teams dedicated to delivering service excellence, offering unforgettable memories in our hotels, top-tier golfing experiences, or helping make dreams come true in the acquisition of properties.

…another way of doing hospitality

For DHM, experiencing our hotels goes far beyond a mere stay: we want to create memories through unique experiences. We have a portfolio of hotels for every mood, whether it’s a fun family beach holiday, immersion in different aspects of a region’s culture, or company events and experiences. Most of all we want you to discover Portugal.

We are looking to hire and develop the best professionals and create a great team that incorporates a wide range of skills.